Me and Les at Bullard's Beach on Thanksgiving Day
Me and Les at Bullard’s Beach on Thanksgiving Day, no coats, hats, scarves or gloves needed.

On Saturday I walked into work without even a jacket on. It has been nearly 70 degrees on more than one occasion since winter began and I just don’t know how to handle it. People keep telling me that I’ll acclimate to the weather here, but apparently I acclimated to the extreme, windy cold of Western New York better than I thought I had. My body hasn’t known what month it is since I got here, it was 59 degrees on July 21 (I know because that was the day my car hit 200,000 miles and I took a photo of the odometer and the temperature) and 58 degrees today, exactly 6 months later. I wonder if acclimating means I will be able to tell the difference between summer 60s and winter 60s?

In the summer I’ll be saying that I miss seasons, right now I’m enjoying the green everywhere.

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