50 States Challenge

When I decided to start blogging every week I debated pulling all my old posts over from Blogger. I decided against it because the post were so far apart and mostly unrelated.

But one thing that I had started that I want to keep going with is my 50 States Challenge. I want to visit all 50 states (at least all 50 states, maybe I’ll add in other places one of these days, I was almost halfway through all the Canadian Provinces last year) and take a photo that represents that state.

So when I am at a loss for what to post, or just when I have extra free time, I’ll be reposting the states I already had completed over on Blogger. I will also be adding some new ones since I crossed off a few states while moving to Oregon from New York.

I am currently in Missouri visiting family so I’ll start with Missouri some time next week after I get home.

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