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I made it to April before I missed my goal of a blog post every week. But I’m going to do two to make up for it. This week has been an absolute heyday, filled with jury duty, airports, planning and executing a memorial service, scanning photos, and reminiscing with family.

I am writing this from San Francisco International Airport on my two-and-a-half hour layover, our flight won’t arrive in Eugene until midnight and then we have a two-hour drive home.

I’m too … not tired, because I don’t feel tired even though I’ve barely slept … numb I guess to come up with anything good to write. So I’m just going to share what’s been consuming my life for the last few days, a photo of my Aunt Kathy. I was thinking about writing about her but I started crying in the airport when I tried, so I’ll leave it with just the photo, it’s one of my favorites.

Kathleen Lucille Langham March 31, 1957 - April 6, 2014
Kathleen Lucille Langham
March 31, 1957 – April 6, 2014

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