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In the last week I’ve seen two news stories coming from Utah; the excommunication of the woman who thinks women should be treated equally to men in the Mormon church and the possible imminent excommunication of a popular podcaster who has the audacity to question the Mormon church and speak on behalf of gay Mormon, and that the Utah AG is going to challenge the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that says the state cannot deny residents the benefit or protection of marriage based on gender.

Les and I were talking about this at lunch today and he mentioned that he tweeted his reaction to the latter, which was presented as breaking news at the time.

I’ve seen a lot of varied reactions (on Facebook because that’s how I keep in contact with everyone I know in Utah) to these two bits of news, but my reaction to both of these things is pretty similar to Les’s –

Mormon church quiets dissenters and doesn’t like the gays! The sky purportedly blue! Bear seen shitting in the woods! And the Pope … a secret Catholic? More at 11…

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