A Special Night, A Special Dress

Wednesday was a very special night for me and Les. It was the 10-year anniversary of our first date, it was our first night San Francisco, and it was the day Les was offered a job and we decided we will be moving to Prescott, Arizona. So we had a lot to celebrate.
We chose a very nice restaurant that was highly recommended to us, the Cliff House. The food was as delicious as we had been told, and the view was incredible. But the most special thing to me was a chance to wear a very special dress to somewhere deserving of it.


My grandmother bought this dress in the mid-1950s and she wore it then. She passed it down to her oldest daughter, Kathy, who wore it in the ’70s. When I went to visit Kathy in February, she kept wanting me to put my name on her stuff, so I would get it after she died. I was very uncomfortable with that, but she insisted I take the dress and a few other things with me when I left.

WIthout the jacket at the Cliff House, where we had dinner.

I had hoped to get the dress hemmed and cleaned (it was in perfect shape other than the hem) and wear it then send Kathy a photo. Unfortunately Kathy passed away before I was able to make that happen. So I was really excited to have a reason to dress up. And San Francisco is the perfect place to wear it. The other stuff Kathy insisted I take was all hippy attire, she said I was enough of a hippy to appreciate it. I also wore the shirt and necklace she gave me on this trip, I added a flower headband for the perfect San Francisco outfit.

Wearing Kathy’s shirt and necklace in downtown San Francisco, about to get on a cable car.

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