A Fond Farewell to the Beaver State

In just one short week Les and I will be leaving for Arizona, where Les has taken a job with the Daily Courier in Prescott. We didn’t spend all that much time in Oregon, just more than a year, but I feel like we got the best of it.

Sunset Bay living up to its name, only a few minutes from our house in Oregon.
Sunset Bay living up to its name, only a few minutes from our house in Oregon.

During our time in Oregon we’ve driven the entire coast of the state. We’ve visited natural wonders, mountains and waterfalls and ocean beaches, big cities and small towns. I’ve take some fantastic photos of Oregon, and seen more colors of green that I thought were physically possible. And we’ve both made some really good friends.

But part of being nomads like we have been is leaving the good along with the bad. I certainly won’t mind leaving behind this seasonless weather, where we’re moving to in Arizona isn’t the oppressive heat of Phoenix, it gets into the 80s in the summer and gets snow in the winter. I am going to have to get used to sales tax again, but I’m not sure how hard that will be, I still do double takes from time to time when I am told my total and there isn’t tax added.

But I think the thing I will miss the least is not being able to pump my own gas. When we first moved here I was excited by the prospect of not having to stand outside my car and pump gas, specially in bad weather. But not long after we arrived I realized the error of my thinking. First off there is no bad weather here, and more importantly, not pumping my own gas means human interaction, and I hate talking to people, it gives me anxiety. Not to mention the fact that you have to wait, there is no quick stopping to get gas in Oregon.

I could go on and on about the good things that I’m going to miss and the bad things that I’m not, but I have to pack so it boils down to this. I am going to miss living 5 miles from one of the most gorgeous beaches on the West Coast, but I’m happy to be trading it for being less than 2 hours from the Grand Canyon, which I’ve always wanted to see but never have.

In the surprisingly wise words of a highly intelligent dumbass, “The adventure of life continues. As much as I plan and dream and try to anticipate every outcome, I will never know what lies around the next corner or down whatever road I choose to take. That’s the exciting and frightening reality of life. I wouldn’t want it any other way … Give me chaos and uncertainty. It’s much more fun.”

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