Marriage Equality in Arizona

One of my concerns about moving to Arizona was the politics. I survived living in Utah, but once I got out I realized how fucked up it really was, and I have had absolutely no desire to go back. Since leaving Utah we’ve lived in fairly liberal states, they’ve all been blue, at least in presidential years. But Arizona isn’t Utah, it does tend to lean right (it’s full of old people) but if not for heavy gerrymandering in the Phoenix area it probably would be a blue state.

And today Arizona made a step forward that a lot of people didn’t think would happen for a while. Marriage equality is the future of this country, but when your state falls behind Utah in forward progress and you have people like this piece of shit excuse for a human being making the news, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So it’s nice to hear good news. Another thing that is nice is to see Les writing again, so I’m sharing the story he wrote instead of an ACLU or AP article.

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