Love and Hate

Since today is Valentines Day, I’ve been thinking about love. And hearts and chocolate and all that romance crap, but mostly love. So I decided to figure out what I love most in the world. And since love and hate are two sides of the same coin, I thought I’d figure out what I hate most in the world too. Without telling Les what I was doing I asked him to do the same. Below are our responses in order of intensity.


                            Love                                   Hate
Coffee People who pop popcorn in a communal setting and then don’t share
Les Sanctimommies / Mombies
Animals When someone asks a question and then doesn’t listen to the answer (which I suppose could be shortened to willful ignorance)
Travel NIMBY and NIMBY type bullshit
Cheese Commercials

It might seem callous of me to list him in the second place when he said me first, but without coffee I couldn’t love him because he would be dead because I would have killed him for talking to me in the morning.


Love Hate
Heather Slow people in the checkout line at the grocery store
Nerdery People who stand in your way and won’t move
Preparing a really good meal and sharing it with someone Stupid people
Seeing new things Hypocricy

The fact that I need to sleep

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