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I fell back to the standard what-to-write-when-you-have-no-ideas posts, I’ve already done a pro-con list, I’ve shared quotes, I’ve explored a hypothetical question, I’ve written a review, I’ve even done a best-of list. But I haven’t done an A-Z list, so that’ll have to do. But then I had to decide what to do an A-Z list about, again my lack of ideas. I looked through my post history and realized that I haven’t done a gallery in a little while, so I decided to do an A-Z list of my photos. I tried to find the best photo for each letter. I’m writing this part before I do the photo part, so allow me to apologize in advance if they really suck or are a stretch to get to the letter, I really have no idea what I’m getting myself into here.

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Some of these were harder than I expected, either because there were no photos for the letter, or because there were too many for the letter. I decided that I couldn’t decide between my dogs and cats when I realized that I was going to use them for D and K, so I went with my best photos of a dog and cat that weren’t mine. Sometimes even when I’d settled on a word it was still hard to choose, I have lots of waterfalls and lighthouses.

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