Senator Snowball

The past few days I’ve seen the video of, and references to, Republican Senator James Inhofe from Oklahoma going on the senate floor with a snowball and denying global warming. Now there are many, many valid rebuttals to this ridiculous argument, some of which I will go over below, but what I haven’t seen enough of since Inhofe’s idiotic demonstration, is Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s perfect response, so I decided to share it.

I’ve seen a lot of people, even people who seem to be intelligent but who can’t see beyond party lines or religious indoctrination, say or post about the idea that global warming isn’t real because it’s currently cold outside, or because there are record-breaking cold winters. Despite the fact that record-breaking cold is actually a symptom of global climate change, these people get caught up in the word “warming” and turn their brains off.

Aside from the stupid argument, let’s take a look at the asinine way Inhofe presented his argument, if a senator walked onto the floor of the senate holding up a $100 bill and said, “There is obviously no poverty in the world, I have $100 right here,” or holding a burrito and said, “There’s not a hunger problem, all I had to do was go to the corner and buy this from the food cart, they’re everywhere!” That person would be laughed off the floor and ridiculed mercilessly by the media (with a few obvious exceptions).

I’m not sure whether Senator Inhofe is really so blind to science and fact and logic and reason that he believes the nonsense falling out of his mouth, or if he just ignores it and pretends to be because the fossil fuel lobby and the Republican party are funding his vacation home and he scored an emotional victory with his constituents. But the fact that this man is the chair of the Senate’s Committee on Environment and Public Works is disgusting.

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