Les Poking Things

Les and I have been together for more than 11 years, in that amount of time you learn idiosyncrasies about a person, their quirks and odd habits, their eccentricities and peculiarities. It took me a while to notice one of Les’s. I mean I noticed it, but I didn’t notice for a while how ingrained it was in him.

He pokes things.

Most obviously trees, but often other things he is explaining. He mostly does it when we are hiking or outside for some reason. Once I realized it, I started taking photos of him doing it. It wasn’t until he caught me taking photos that he realized he does it. Every once in a while he will notice he’s doing it and pose, but I can always tell when he does and when he is just naturally poking things.

I have been studying this behavior for a while now, and going through the photos to assist my research. And my conclusion is that this is innate behavior, passed down from his father. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out his brothers do it too, but I (thankfully) haven’t spent enough time with them to be certain.

Like I said, I only started taking photos more recently, once I realized the scope of the poking, but I still have more than 50 photos. Here are some of them.

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