2017 Challenge

I have found through the years, that I do better when I challenge myself, and I take better photos when I have an excuse to always have my camera with me.

I’ve done 2 successful 365 photo challenges, and I set myself a challenge of writing a post every week for a year when I started this blog. Plus I gave up on my sojourner in Ingress at 365 days (and haven’t broken 14 days since). All of those were very challenging, and there were times I was most definitely not trying my hardest, and not putting by best work out there. But there were aspects of all of them that I liked.

Some of my bad day photos turned out better than I expected

When you do something every single day for a year, there are bound to be bad days, and I really hate looking back at my 365 projects and seeing the crappy photos of whatever was closest to me when I remembered to take a photo. Not to say those were all bad, I actually liked how some of them turned out, the potato chips photo, for example, turned out way cooler than I thought it would. But the days I didn’t leave the house, the days I didn’t feel good, there are some crappy photos in there.

With the weekly posts, I would get busy and not come up with a topic until the last minute, some of those mediocre posts could have been decent if I had taken the time to flesh them out. And I still maintain a challenge of at least one post a month to justify paying for the domain name (not to mention all the time put into customizing the damn thing). One of the other things I tried during my failed 365 project was a vocabulary challenge, that way I had something directing me what to take a photo of, the thought was maybe I wouldn’t burn out since I would always have an idea. The problem there came from a malfunctioning app that wouldn’t update and give me the words in a timely manner.

So for 2017 I’ve decided to take the aspects I like from previous challenges and smush them together into a new challenge. A 52-week photo challenge. 2017 conveniently starts on a Sunday, making a weekly challenge even easier. I’ve also decided to come up with 52 photo topics in advance and pick on each week. That gives me time to get a good photo, and means I won’t put it off all week by trying to come up with something. It occurs to me that there are 52 cards in a standard deck of playing cards, and since shuffling cards gives you a completely random order, I thought I might as well write each challenge on a card and then shuffle and pick on each Sunday. That gives me until Saturday to post the photo, and en entire week to get it right. Then I realized writing on cards is very difficult because of the coating, so I wrote a list and put coordinating cards with each list item. 

The list includes random objects, adjectives, and photographic techniques. I searched for photo challenges and picked things out of them that I liked (none of that “something that makes you happy” “someone you love” BS).

First card will be drawn today and I’ll try my hardest to get the posts up by Saturday all year. That probably won’t always happen, but the photos will be taken by the end of Saturday for sure. I’m looking forward to it.

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