2017 has been a crazy year, and I’ve been avoiding being online whenever possible in an effort not to hate everyone and everything all the time. It’s kinda working. But that means I’ve been neglecting my Playing Card Photography Challenge, or rather I actually have been keeping up with it, but haven’t uploaded the photos or made posts out of them. I’m making an effort to get caught up with that, a post at a time and will have everything caught up before June, not that I think many people were really following it, but I told myself I would, so I will.

But in the mean time, I have to share some photos I took earlier today. Earlier this week Les told me there were baby owls in a tree near his office. Not exactly knowing where he was talking about and being stressed out from driving in unfamiliar territory after work, I was unable to find them on my own, so I made him show me in person after work today. Two of his coworkers were also there trying to catch a sighting of a baby owl, but what we got was even better.

While staring up trying to get a better view (Les kept telling me there was a baby next to the adult on the branch but I wasn’t quite seeing it) I backed all the way up to a bush growing next to the building. I was staring up at the branch and not paying very close attention around me. That’s when I heard a hiss and a click and just about shit myself because the other parent owl was sitting in the bush right at eye level! I was about 2 feet away when I saw it, but my face was definitely closer when I heard the sounds and started backing away from the bush.

These photos are a quick edit job, and just the first one’s I grabbed, but I had to share. I’m also still working on an exact species ID, my birding app doesn’t seem to think I would see an owl in Prescott on May 5th

IMG_4087Owlet in the tippy-top of the tree, Les’s coworkers reported they have been climbing higher and higher as the week goes on. IMG_4093Adult owl  I was staring at trying to see the baby next to it (it is almost visible behind the leaves to the right).IMG_4095Extremely pissed off owl upon whose personal space I inadvertently intruded.
IMG_4097Finally got a shot of the two in the tree together from a different, far from the bush, angle.

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